Dutch Photographer, Wilmar Dik, Showcasing His Travel Photography

On this page, you’ll find a selection of photography from Wilmar’s travels. All of these adventures took place between the years of 1994 and 2023.

New: India travel photography shot in January 2023. Alternatively, you could go direcly to my new Goa beach photos, or images of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hampi.

As well as exploring the neighboring countries of Europe, Dutch photographer Wilmar has been lucky to travel across the globe. Below you’ll find images that depict the vast outback of Australia, busy streets of India, the wildlife of Botswana, volcanic beaches of New Zealand, the vibrant villages of Suriname and so much more.   

Travel photography by Dutch photographer

Based in The Hague, The Netherlands, Wilmar has been a professional photographer since 2008. However, his love for capturing the world around us began much earlier than this. Equipped with a Praktica MTL 5 camera, a much-loved gift from his father, Wilmar started on his photography journey aged just 14 years old.

As you can see from his rich portfolio below, Wilmar takes care to notice the light and movement of nature, people and cities in his photos. Creatively manipulating the shutter speed, Wilmar strives to capture the beauty of movement in all of his photos. As a result, he produces a picture that is true to life, while providing a hint of surrealism. His style is further characterised by his unusual angle choices and play of lines. While these are always straight, they are not always portrayed in the way we might expect.

Wilmar’s Other Photography Websites

On this website, you’ll find travel stock photography and travel video clips, all shot by Wilmar. If you’re interested in working with Wilmar, he can also help you with portrait photography, corporate photography and as a cameraman. Check out the following links for more information: