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Jordan isn’t at the top of everyone’s bucket list, but I think it should be. I found a quote from an ambassador that read something a little like this ‘If Jordan didn’t exist, it would have to be invented.’

If you can put geopolitics to the side, Jordan can be a treat for everyone that visits. Before I visited, the closest I’d been to Jordan was Egypt. But Jordan was in a league of its own.  With the perfect blend of fascinating history, stunning landscapes and cultural diversity. Jordan is the place where east meets west to create something truly unique.

Home to popular spots such as the Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum and the Gulf of Aqaba, you’ll need to set aside at least 9 days to visit Jordan, if not more! Just these four locations offer up a mixture of beach-side spots for relaxing, stunning natural landscapes for keen photographers and awe-inspiring historical must-see spots.

Discover my travel stock photos of Jordan, Petra, The Dead Sea and Wadi Rum

I’ve travelled to Jordan twice, once in 2009, and then again in 2019. This has allowed me to collect a varied series of images from around the country. To purchase the more recent photos of Jordan, please contact me directly at The older photos of Jordan shot in 2009 for sale via Alamy.

To purchase my travel stock photography of The Dead Sea from 2009, please visit: travel stock photography of The Dead Sea. For images of Petra from 2009, check out the following page: travel stock photography Petra, Jordan. For images of Wadi Rum from 2009, you’ll find them on the following page: travel stock photography Wadi Rum.

As I mentioned above, if you’d like to purchase my travel stock photography images from 2019, please contact me directly at 

Travel photography Jordan shot in November 2019 and 2009. The first images are shot in 2019. After the old train images at Wadi Rum station, imagery shot in 2009 starts. For more travel information: Visit Jordan