Stock travel photography of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

The travel stock images that you’ll find on this page were shot in June 2022. We visited the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe as a day trip from Kasane when we were exploring Botswana.

Getting from Kasane to Victoria Falls was pretty easy, and most hotels, hostels or guesthouses can help you to organise the trip. We decided to hire a driver who helped us with all the hassle at the border too. Getting a visa and stamp in our passport to add to our collection was a plus! We were lucky that the drive only took 1.5 hours, but it can take longer if the border is busy. What’s more, we saw wild elephants along the road on the way!

Seeing Victoria Falls for the first time was an incredible experience. Spanning across 1,708 meters, it’s actually impossible to see the entire falls from the ground. You’ll find more information about the World Heritage site here:

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Victoria Falls Stock Photography

The stock images you see here of Victoria Falls are for sale, and you’ll only find these images on this website. I really enjoyed taking these photos, so I hope you love them as much as I do. If you want to use any of the images you see here, please contact me via

History of Victoria Falls

The famous falls got their name from David Livingstone who visited the site back in 1855. Although local tribes were familiar with the falls well before the Europeans arrived, they were named after the English Queen who was reigning at the time of discovery.

The basalt plateau of Victoria Falls, over which the Zambezi River flows, is thought to have been formed over 200 million years ago. To me, it seems a strange that one of the biggest waterfalls in the world is named after an English Queen because someone from Scotland saw them 200 years ago. Wouldn’t Zambezi waterfalls be a better name? Anyway, enjoy the images!

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