Travel photography India

I’ve been to India twice already, and I’m planning on returning as soon as I can. Due to corona this might take a while.

India is a crazy place; it can be weird, and sometimes dangerous, but my trips have always been full of memorable experiences. The food, the people, the culture and the way of living are all a world away from my life in The Netherlands. But that’s what makes it so special. 

Travel stock photography of India

I collected my travel stock photography of India during two trips in 2005 and 2009. If you want to purchage usage rights please  send me an email to Otherwise; here’s where you can get your hands on my stock photos of India:

When it came to visiting the country a second time, I was a little braver. I flew into Chennai, on the Bay of Bengal in eastern India. Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. This time I rented my own car. As well as providing a totally new experience, the car gave me the freedom to explore hidden towns and stop off whenever I wanted to take some photos. Driving a total of 1,600km, I visited the seldom visited destinations of Chennai, Ooty, Palani, Tiruchirappalli and Puducherry. These are all towns in the south of India, not far from the island of Sri Lanka.  I quickly found out that driving in India is crazy! You have to be bold and have your wits about you, and then you’ll learn to love every second!