Travel stock photography Jerusalem, Israel

Bordering Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, Israel has a fascinating and turbulent past. Much of which can be explored in its capital city, Jerusalem. contact for video footage

Travel stock photography  of Jerusalem

All of the travel stock photos of Jerusalem that you’ll find here was taken in 2019. You are welcome to purchase these photos directly from this site, as they are not available via photo stock companies. Are you working for a company that would like to use my travel stock photography of Jerusalem? Please email me with your request at

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Jerusalem is often referenced by the Israeli government as its undivided capital. The atmosphere is notably different. Take a day or two to stroll the old city, enjoy its colours and cuisine, but also experience the gradual homogenization of this “city for all people.” More information: I Travel Jerusalem

Travel stock photography Ramallah

If you are in need of fresh (2019) travel stock photography from Ramallah, please visit this page: stock photography Ramallah

Travel Stock Photography of Jerusalem’s Must-See Sights

Jerusalem’s history dates back hundreds of years and has played a major role in the formation of three religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. There’s a huge amount of things to see and do here. Check out our top recommendations below:

  • Haram Al-Sharif. A site of huge religious significance, Haram Al-Sharif is said to be where Abraham first offered up his son as a sacrifice to God.
  • Western Wall. One of the holiest sites in Judaism, this wall is considered to be the surviving wall of Jerusalem’s first temple. 
  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This is one of the holiest sites in the city for Christians and is believed to have been built where Jesus was crucified. 
  • Muslim Quarter. Vibrant souks, maze-like streets and ancient architecture line the streets of Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter.
  • Mount of Olives. A sacred hill that is thought to be the site where God will begin to rise the dead on Judgement Day.
  • Kidron Valley. Thought to be one of the oldest areas in Jerusalem, Kidron Valley is home to excavations that date back nearly 4,000 years.