Stock travel photography Laos

I traveled to Laos in May 1999 and have nothing but good memories of those weeks there. I visited places like Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Vang Vieng, and took a boat over the Mekong River back to North Thailand. Because I loved it so much I will be going to Laos again 25 years later!

New travel photography of Laos in 2024

In the beginning of 2024, I will go back to Laos! Ill fly to Luang Prabang and will be renting a car at the airport. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Laos. And of course, I will also try to create great images 🙂 This way, I can share my experience of traveling in Laos with other people all over the world.

Looking for stock travel photography Laos?

You can purchase my stock travel photos from Laos by sending a request to If you are looking for images that have not yet been taken, please let me know. I will be traveling in Laos in the beginning of 2024, shooting stock travel photography in Luang Prabang and the North of Laos. I will be traveling by car so I can create good photo opportunities.

Nestled in Southeast Asia, Laos is known for serene landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. With lush jungles, winding rivers, and ancient temples, it offers a tranquil escape. In Laos, you will be meeting friendly people, eating great food, and seeing interesting cultural sites.

Luang Prabang, a UNESCO site since December 1994, reflects Laos’ spirit with monks collecting alms at dawn and a blend of French colonial and Lao architecture.

The Mekong River, vital to Laos, flows calmly, mirroring life’s unhurried pace. Riverside villages showcase traditional crafts like textiles and silverware.

Laos hosts vibrant festivals, like the Boun Bang Fai rocket festival, reflecting its lively culture and heritage.