Travel photography Tenerife

Travel photography Tenerife, shot digital in 2009. Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands and a great island to visit. Good food, great beaches and stunning nature awaits you.

Stepping off the plane, Tenerife’s volcanic energy hummed beneath your feet. Azure skies are garuanteed. This largest Canary Island will give you adventure if you are looking for it 🙂

Santa Cruz, with cobbled streets is lined with colorful buildings. But Tenerife’s soul resided beyond the urban sprawl. Teide National Park is a UNESCO wonder. Driving in Tenerife was an odyssey itself. Volcanic rock formations, painted in fiery hues, rose from the earth, a testament to nature’s sculpting power. Teide’s mountain is Spain’s highest point!

Tenerife wasn’t just landscapes and beaches. Charming villages unveiled a rich tapestry. Evenings were spent well, tasting local wine while lisening to traditional music.

Leaving Tenerife was bittersweet. Luckily I had made loads of nice photos! Curious about my other photography work? Dive into my photography portfolio or take a look at my travel photos from Spain!