This is where you can find answers to some of the questions we get a lot concerning travel stock photography.
Please feel free to ask any personal or other questions! We are always happy to read comments about this website, the photography or possible publications and/or assignments.

Where can I find published work?

Anywhere! Photos made by Wilmar are used for the production of calendars, postcards, newspapers, magazines and advertisements. Most photos are sold through photo stock agencies so most of the time we do not see the published work ourselves. We understand that sometimes you would really like to see some previously used photos before purchasing a photo or giving away a travel photography assignment. You can download this ZIP file or find some samples here: Reclamebeeld Samples. This last link is a non-travel related website so the samples are not focussed on travel photography.

How fast can I get a high resolution photo?

You usually receive a high resolution file within 12 hours.

Does the Wilmar site get a lot of visitors?

It depends on what you call a lot. On average there is a weekly download of about 2 GBytes. If an average page is about 100 kb, there are about 2850 pageviews a day. With an average of about 4,5 pages per visitor this would mean about 600 unique visitors a day.

Can you help with searching the perfect photo?

Of course…although all photos can be found on the website we understand that it is sometimes hard to search for that one special photo in the entire database. Especially if the photo you are looking for is not related to a certain place or country. We are pleased to help you find exactly what you have in mind.

I did not find photos of? can you make them?

Yes, Thats our business! We are located in The Hague, The Netherlands. This is close to places like Paris (5 h. driving), Brussels (2 hours), Brugge (2 hours), Amsterdam (1 hour), Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam (backgarden), Luxembourgh (4 hours), Dusseldorf (3 hours), Cologne (4 hours) or Antwerp (1,5 hour).

Do you deliver to Photo Stock Agencies?

Yes, to be honest this a source of revenue for us. It's impossible to represent the Wilmar images worldwide in every market ourselves. Besides that we like to concentrate on shooting images rather than selling them. If you work for/represent a Photostock Agency and would like to know if we can work together then we would most certainly like to hear from you, Click here to go to the contact page. Please keep in mind all images are sold on a Right Managed (RM) base (never Royalty Free) and due to the fact that we supply more agencies we can not offer exclusive sales rights (unless maybe for special assignments).

What is the maximum resolution of a photo?

Although at present we use a Canon Eos 5D mark2 some of the photos are shot with the Canon Eos 5D and some on slide films. The photos are available as digital files of approximately 5600 by 3700 pixels. Saved as TIF (without LZW compression) this is about 60 MB. Saved as a High Resolution JPG file this will be somewhere between 1.5 and 6 MB. The Canon Eos 5Dmark2 creates a file resolution of 5616x3744 px. The Canon Eos 5D creates a 8 bit- 37 MB tif file with the resolution of 4368x2912 (enlarging/interpolation of this file is very well possible because the photo is very clean)

I can not find a list of photos you have in stock, what do you have?

You can first of all find photos when using the browse by country menu. There are over 36.000 photos on this site. Besides searching for a certain country, you can also search for cities, areas or certain moods. To ignite your fantasy we have summed up some example keywords that give nice results in the search engine (just click on the word): freedom, flowers, smile, sunset, sand, portrait, castle, beach, fly, curious, cow, landscape, nature, drugs, church or fields. Also a combination of keywords does the job well (but please keep out words like in, and, or , to) : castle Scotland, colosseum Rome, windmill Netherlands, Eiffel tower Paris, beach, Sri Lanka, Trinidad Cuba, canals Amsterdam, beach Croatia, Amazon jungle, mountains France, Pyrenees Spain, mosque Iran. If you are looking for photos from a centain place or city just look for that, e.g. Agra, Algarve, Alps, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Aragon,Ardenne, Athens, lake Balaton, Bangkok, Barcelona, Basel, Berlin, Bruges, Budapest, Cairo, Canberra, Cape Town, Catalunya, Champagne, Cologne, Copenhagen, Cordoba, Costa Brava, Delft, Delhi, Dijon, Dover, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Eifel, Esfahan, Fes, Fyn, Girona, Granada, Graz, Havana, Holland, Istanbul, Jodhpur, Kuala Lumpur, Leiden, Lisbon, London, Luxor, Marrakesh, Meknes, Nancy, Normandy, Odense, Paramaribo, Paris, Peloponnese, Porto, Prague, Queensland, Rajasthan,Rome, Rotterdam, Santiago, Santo Domingo, Scheveningen, Sossusvlei, Sousse, Sussex, Sydney, Tehran, Tessalia, The Hague, Tunis,Utrecht, Valencia, Parc naturel Regional du Verdon, Vienna, Wellington, Windhoek or Zagreb.

Who/what is Wilmar anyway?

The name Wilmar came out of a name book and was given to him by his parents. Wilmar is a 38 year (young!) male working from The Hague, The Netherlands. If you’re curious just search on this website by clicking here: Wilmar.

Can I link to your website?

Of course. Maybe we can even place a return link from our linking page. Please keep in mind we can not link back to all website. Our goal is to reach as much as possible picture buyers. We know each visitor can be a picture buyer, but about 99,9% is just browsing. When linking to this site you can just link to the home page, but also to a certain country : or any keyword/place : . If you need a banner please give us the size you need and we’ll send you one as soon as possible.

I’m a webmaster; can I use the photos for free if I link to

No. Sorry, but creating travel photography is not cheap. Of course we understand that we can get some visitors from your site and all promotion is really welcome, but this does not mean we can give away our trade ware for free. Nevertheless if you have a good and creative idea you can always send an email and we will certainly think about it!

I’m not a webmaster; can I use the photos for free?

No. Sorry. If we find out we will be happy to send you an invoice 3 to 4 times as high as our normal rates. Besides that we will inform Burafo (.nl) who will help us to collect this amount.

Travel Stock Photography by Travel photographer Wilmar
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